Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ


SAP Solidarity Fund e.V.

Who and when does The Solidarity Fund help?

The association has set itself the goal of providing fast and unbureaucratic help to people in need through no fault of their own by supporting specific projects after disasters.

Who supports The Solidarity Fund?

The work of the SAP Solidarity Fund is made possible by donations from SAP employees.

When does the Fund become active?

The SAP Solidarity Fund becomes active whenever disasters occur that cannot be handled by a region or country alone. The members of the Fund then decide together whether the Fund should appeal for donations or whether it can use existing resources to act.

I am involved in a nonprofit organization. Can I apply to The Solidarity Fund for support for my association?

No, due to its objective, the Solidarity Fund only becomes active in disaster situations. When the occasion arises, the Fund approaches all SAP employees with an appeal for donations. The money donated is then used to approach selected aid organizations to make concrete proposals for the use of the funds.

FAQ about award programs

Ukraine Aid

Who can apply for funding?

All nonprofit organizations based in Germany that support refugees from Ukraine are eligible to apply.

Further information can be found in the conditions of participation.

What is the funding amount?

The SAP Solidarity Fund provides a total of 250,000 Euros to support nonprofit organizations. Eligible organizations can apply for a one-time grant of up to 5,000 Euros.

What type of grant applications can be submitted?

Only applications from nonprofit organizations in Germany that support refugees from Ukraine will be funded. Activities that benefit people in Ukraine as well as refugees in neighboring countries such as Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, and Moldova are also supported. The prerequisite for this is that the organization carries out these activities itself.

How do I receive the grant?

If your application is submitted in full and funding is approved, Haus des Stiftens will transfer the funding amount within 14 days to the bank account you have specified at Fö

What is the purpose of the transfer?

If a grant is awarded, it will be transferred by Haus des Stiftens. The SAP Solidarity Fund is shown as a reference in the purpose of the transfer.

Registration and application

How can I register my organization?

To be able to submit a funding application, your organization must be registered on the Haus des Stiftens central fundraising platform, Fö For detailed information on registering and applying, see Submitting a Grant Application.

How can I submit a grant application?

Once your registration on Fö is complete, you will receive access to The SAP Solidarity Fund. The application process itself takes place in the backend of The SAP Solidarity Fund platform. For more detailed information, see Submitting a Grant Application.

When can I submit a grant application?

Funding applications can be submitted from 14/04/2022 onwards. The funding opportunity will then be closed as soon as all funds have been allocated.

What does a grant application include?

A grant application includes the following information: title, location, description of project, photos, funding requirements, and statement of how funds will be used.

Is there no charge for applying?

Yes, both the registration on Fö and the application to The SAP Solidarity Fund are free of charge.

Why can't I save my grant application?

For security reasons, The SAP Solidarity Fund platform logs out all users after 24 hours. In some cases, browser and computer security settings may cause users to be logged out after a shorter period. If this is the case, users must log in again via Fö (see Submitting a Grant Application), to continue and save the grant application, for example.

How can I change my organizational information?

If you would like to change your organizational data, e.g., address or account details, simply log in to your account at Fö and follow the instructions. Or send an email with the desired changes to:, indicating the organization name.