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SAP Solidarity Fund e.V.

"Solidarity" means standing up for one another in a community. Shaken by the attacks of September 11, 2001, SAP employees immediately founded the SAP Solidarity Fund. They wanted to create an instrument that would support people in need. The SAP Solidarity Fund is supported by donations from SAP employees and people close to SAP. To this day, the fund is active where help is needed most. It is also important to the Solidarity Fund to draw attention to emergency situations or disasters that have less media visibility but are no less distressing or life-threatening for the people they affect.

Through the SAP Solidarity Fund, help from SAP employees reaches people who cannot help themselves - whether they are victims of the tsunami in Southeast Asia, those affected by the famine in Niger, or those left homeless after the earthquake in Kashmir, Pakistan. The goal of the SAP Solidarity Fund is to help the victims of such disasters on their way to a new normal by implementing concrete projects through the donations. This aspect is particularly important to the Fund: all monetary donations must benefit specific, self-contained, and verifiable projects. With fixed partners such as Habitat for Humanity, the German Red Cross, or UNICEF, donations are therefore mainly used for reconstruction or disaster prevention. To date, the Fund has been able to pass on more than four million Euros to those affected by humanitarian disasters through more than 45 fundraising campaigns.

Through, it is now possible to support local associations and organizations in Germany, as well - whether after natural disasters or in humanitarian emergencies, and both quickly and unbureaucratically.


Aid program "Earthquake Turkey & Syria

In the early morning of February 6, 2023, the earthquake in south-eastern Türkiye and in the Turkish-Syrian border region had a magnitude of 7.8. Around 29 million people are affected by the consequences of the earthquake. According to the Turkish civil protection authority, the epicenter was in the province of Kahramanmaras and Gaziantep near the Syrian border. This first tremor was followed by hundreds of aftershocks. It is estimated that at least 50,000 people died, 214,000 buildings collapsed or were in danger of collapsing, and in Türkiye alone eleven major cities were destroyed. There are millions of people who have lost their homes and are in urgent need of help. The situation of children is of particular concern: According to UNICEF, the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria affected around five million children.

More than 1,300 SAP colleagues responded to the Solidarity Fund's call, thereby enabling fast and immediate help.

Aid program "SAP Restcent"

Hardly anyone pays attention to the two digits after the decimal point on a monthly salary: But when many people put their cents together, great things can result. And that is precisely the simple principle behind Restcent at SAP. Since 2009, every SAP employee has been able to donate the decimal places of their net salary. Once a year, all SAP employees in Germany can then present organizations and their projects and submit them for support. However, only employees who participate in Restcent can vote on which projects are supported.

Since 2009, SAP employees have been able to pass on around €1,330,000 to projects, supported by SAP's matching of the annual amounts collected. So far, more than 114 projects in more than 37 countries have been supported.

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Aid program "Ukraine"

Our neighbors in Ukraine are fighting for their lives and many women, children, and elderly people have been forced to leave their homes. Within Ukraine, UNHCR speaks of about 6.5 million people who are seeking protection in other parts of the country. Another 4.5 million people have already left the country - 90% of them women and children.

As of the beginning of April, about 270,000 had already arrived in Germany. Help with visits to local support agencies, language lessons, or simply a warm welcome - all of this is provided by volunteers from associations in Germany. Supporting this work is the aim of the "Ukraine Assistance Program." We want to support this commitment of the associations with grants of up to 5,000 Euros, both quickly and unbureaucratically.

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aid program "flood relief”

Immediately after the flood in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia, SAP SE supported the victims of this disaster by donating to “Aktion Deutschland Hilft.” A donation to AWO International made it possible to provide unbureaucratic emergency cash assistance to those on the ground who were affected.

The SAP Solidarity Fund and SAP provided 260,000 Euros for associations and nonprofit organizations in the affected regions. In an initial funding program in the fall of 2021, SAP Solidarity Fund enabled organizations to resume their activities and allowed funding applications of up to 10,000 Euros for immediate measures. In May 2022, the second funding program will be launched, which aims to support long-term and sustainable projects in the affected regions.

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